XAMBUCA releases two new cd’s カムィ (pronounced ‘Kamuy’ etd0022) and уничтожение (pronounced ‘Unichtozheniye’ etd0019)

XAMBUCA, just finishing up a mini-week long tour of the Southern and Midwestern United States with Philippe Petit (France) has released two new cd’s available today from Erototox Decodings. The first cd “カムィ” pronounced Kamuy, written in Kanji referring to the main Ainu bear-deity of the same name, was originally a free download back in 2012 and is part of a series of music inspired by indigenous people of the Northern Hemisphere, this one in particular by the Ainu people of Japan and Sakhalin Island (belonging to Russia). The proceeds from the free download and donations went to the FRPAC (The Foundation for Research and Promotion of Ainu Culture).The second being a response to the impending future of Russia, it’s oppressive regime, and its intentions to dominate its own people and the former Soviet Union countries entitled “уничтожение” pronounced ‘Unichtozheniye‘ which translates in English to “obliteration” (etd0019). These obscure titles in other languages are part of XAMBUCA’s pursuit of educating people about different cultures and languages, in an overall attempt of defying borders, incorporating cultures and emphasizing people of all nations, races and ethnicities.

The typical sound occurring in XAMBUCA’s music is one of a harsh, electronic soundscape consisting of rhythms, pulses and charges. Only a phase of sound that will soon change dramatically by the contrast of another style of composition. Check out tracks and order physical copies of XAMBUCA’s new cd’s now here at EROTOTOX DECODINGS.

To listen to the entire album カムィ at Bandcamp, click here

To listen to the entire album уничтожение at Bandcamp, click here

From the album “カムィ”

From the album “уничтожение”

XAMBUCA Release “カムィ” (etd0022) Now Available for Free Download

XAMBUCA is a group hailing from Asheville, NC. The multimedia a/v collective, including a cast of many, has released an album dedicated to the indigenous Ainu people of Northern Japan, Sakhalin Island and the Kuril Islands of the Northern Pacific. The album is entitled  “カムィ”  (read as: Kamuy); named after the main Ainu Bear God deity of the same name.  This album along with XAMBUCA’s album released last year entitled Joulupukki are part of an ongoing indigenous trilogy of Northern Indigenous Peoples inspired music including the Saami, the Ainu and the Inuit. The Inuit named album, finalizing the trilogy, will be released next year.

The music however non-traditional Ainu music, electronic in form, intends to emanate Ainu archetypes and concepts with each track titled in the Ainu Itak language. XAMBUCA’s intention was to stay clear from dabbling with or insulting the traditions and heritage of the revered Ainu. Early next year will see the hard copy of this release available for purchase on vinyl, and proceeds from the album will go to the The Foundation for Research and Promotion of Ainu Culture “FRPAC.”  You can also donate money via Bandcamp to this cause, and if you donate money now. that same money will go towards the FRPAC.

Listen and download the album for free from the XAMBUCA bandcamp page: http://xambuca.bandcamp.com/album/-

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